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Dr Sanders has been a practising dentist since 1981 and has been involved in Implant Dentistry for more than 25 years. From his practice, Dental Confidence based in Southampton, Dr Sanders supports a strong network of dentists across the South Coast and Hampshire. Dr Sanders enables practitioners to extend their current offering, working alongside referrers to provide expert surgical support in a safe, modern, state of the art clinical environment.

A standard of excellence

Referred patients receive the highest level of clinical expertise from The Sage's qualified team. Treatments and consultations are carried out in our state of the art, purpose built dental implant centre, which is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of implant treatments using the most advanced technology currently available. Dr Sanders aims to make implant dentistry as accurate, successful and efficient as possible, using state of the art facilities including cone Beam Scanning equipment, intraoral scanners, an in-house laboratory, 3D surgery planning software and equipment for PRGF treatment. This advanced technology, limits both appointments and chair time for our patients, offering everything under one roof.

Why choose The Sage?

Dr Peter Sanders is one of the most respected and renowned implantologists in the UK. He has been involved in Implant Dentistry for more than 25 years and has been Programme Director, Cohort Course Director and Examiner on the Implantology course at the Royal College of Surgeons. He is currently Chief Examiner for the implantology MSc at King Juan Carlos University of Madrid and President of the Implant Diploma Alumni.

Dr Sanders’ extensive experience in implant dentistry, means that your patients will receive the highest standard of care and implant treatment available. As a referrer, we will aim to support your practice by extending the existing services you offer, maintaining excellent communication between yourself and your patient throughout their treatment -from consultation to restoration.

Dr Sanders is also able to provide support, mentoring and training for referring dentists, should the restoration phase be an area you would like to develop within your own practice.

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