How our referral pathway works

Over the years, implant dentistry has progressively become more and more mainstream and as a result, general awareness of the benefits of implants, continues to grow.

As a referral practice, more than 80% of Dental Confidence’s patients are now referred by our colleagues.

Whilst we are always delighted to see patients that have been recommended by their dentists, it is much more helpful for us, and generally more professional, if patients are referred formally.

Our referral system

Our online referral system has been developed to be simple, quick, and easy to use.

Using our system ensures that the process of treatment is smooth, efficient, professional, and immediate.

From a patient’s perspective, being referred online also means there is a higher level of interaction between us and their dentist which in turn, enhances their confidence and the level of patient care they receive, therefore it is more beneficial for all.

What happens at a patient consultation?

In an initial consultation we discuss the patient’s reason for referral, with a view to gaining a close understanding of the health of a patient’s mouth, with the help of appropriate radiographs- (some of which may have hopefully been attached to the referral).

The screening radiographs that take place may highlight additional treatment that the patient needs before implant treatment commences.

Implant treatment usually starts with an elective surgical procedure, so the bar is set higher in terms of oral health, than it would be for routine dental care. The result of the initial consultation is a staged treatment plan that has been discussed with the patient, which they and the referrer both receive a copy of via email. With this level of interaction, between, patient, referrer and ourselves, patient acceptance of treatment is very close to 100%.

During treatment we keep our referrers well informed, and after the treatment we provide general feedback and give an indication as to whether there may be a requirement for monitoring for the patient going forward.

In short- we do our best, to do the best, before we return your patient back to your care.

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