Q&A with the Implant Sage

In this blog we ask Pete Sanders why he has developed ‘Implant Sage’ , how the Partners in Implantology Programme works and what his plans are for the future…

How did you come to develop the Implant Sage?

Over a period of over 20 years I have grown a successful Implant referral practice performing all surgical and restorative elements of treatment myself. For a growing network of referring colleagues, I have been placing and restoring up to 400 implants a year. In that time, the practice -Dental Confidence- has successfully treated thousands of patients, and is now recognised for its standards of excellence, having won numerous awards for quality in patient care and technology.

Now, to take the practice to the next level and grow further, I need a select network of partner practices who want to increase their scope of practice to include implants. As the Implant Sage- I am offering exactly this, through the Partners in Implantology programme.

“The biggest barrier to making implantology a key practice income stream is not feeling comfortable and confident chatting to patients about implant treatment options…”

What is the Partners in Implantology programme?

The Partners in Implantology is a process for delivering team training, mentoring and expert surgical support. Through teaching, practical hands on training sessions, Q&A’s, practice discussions with the whole team- and much more - we empower partners with the knowledge required to offer successful, profitable and predictable outcomes to their patients.

During the programme, partners become knowledgeable in explaining implant options and treatment alternatives, understanding the benefits, risks, costs and complications of each. The entire team learn ethical selling techniques, and become confident in what they are offering. Partners are trained in simple restorative protocols that deliver predictable success and profitably.

Who is it for?

The programme is generally for inexperienced teams wishing to expand their knowledge or practice scope. It’s also for those who may-be looking for an expert surgical partner with unrivalled support.

So, what has changed for you?

I'm moving into a new phase of practice now and as a result, I've reduced my commitment to the FGDP Implant Diploma so that I can develop the Partnership in Implantology programme. Having sold the business to BUPA I can now concentrate on developing stronger referral partners so that my success can be shared with local colleagues who want some help and support in getting started.

Are you planning to retire in the near future?

I have no intention of retiring in the next ten years - at least. Why would I when I love implantology? For me, it’s as much a hobby as it is a vocation!

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