No matter what training the dentist has had and how well implant treatment options are explained in the surgery the patient leaves with fragile conviction. The decision to take the implant option that has been explained will often be the best one but everyone in the practice team needs to appreciate what implants can do for patients, how successful they are and enough about the process if they are not to lay seeds of doubt in the patient’s mind. Patients look to many members of the dental team for confidence and to help understand what has been said.

I firmly believe that for implants to become a profitable and successful part of your scope of practice, your whole team need training and role playing so that their genuine belief in this treatment modality can support patients and help them have confidence in what has been recommended.

For that reason the first module on our implant partner programme is designed for the whole team. We get everyone chatting about Implants - making talking about implants as natural and easy as discussing the weather.

We ensure that all your team know how to answer all the questions patients will ask, How to go about Ethical selling (this starts with knowing how successful implant treatment is and the benefits it offers patients:
Who benefits? What does treatment cost? What’s involved?

Treatment risks and how to minimise them.
Identifying patients who can benefit from implants
Pre-qualifying patients (and not pre-judging them)
The Patient journey so that patients appreciate how straightforward the treatment pathway can be.

With this knowledge and a bit of fun role playing, individual team members can gain confidence in talking about implants in their own words. Something patients can sense and appreciate.




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