Denture Upgrades

This series of blogs will look at how implants can change the future for patients presenting with different restorative situations, starting with patients enduring full dentures:

Some denture wearers with well constructed functional dentures, delight in them -but not many! More often patients, if they have the means, are eager to find a solution to the problems they face. A poorly tolerated denture is functionally and psychologically debilitating.

There are few dental treatments that can match the life changing impact that implant stabilised dentures achieve.

This article will explore the range of implant options that can transform the stability and security of dentures and thereby transforming lives. A well constructed and supported denture can be made secure with as little as two implants and locator components these nylon lined precision attachments allow the denture to click into place and remain in a stable position.

Functional loads are still supported by the soft tissues and underlying bone but the locators limit the movement of the denture making it much more secure restoring function and confidence. Biting forces increase and chewing becomes more efficient with less chewing movements required to masticate effectively. There is almost always sufficient bone for this treatment modality to be a viable, inexpensive option.

Lower denture


The locator concept

Createch bar

Moving up in terms of sophistication and cost, an implant supported bar offers additional security, stability and retention and the functional loads are now starting to be carried by the implants. A bar also has the advantage of splinting the implants together and transferring the support further around the denture rather than just at the front of the mouth.

Atlantis ISUS 2on1

Next we should mention precision 2 part bars where the primary bar is screwed to the implants and the secondary milled bar wraps around the first. This can offer remarkable security with the feeling of fixed bridgework but ease of removal for easy hygiene access.

Fixed bridgework

By contrast, fixed bridges, which are very popular with patients, make combining soft tissue support with ease of access for adequate hygiene very challenging (sometimes impossible). This treatment modality will be discussed elsewhere.

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