Implant Training for Dental Nurses

This course will provide:

* Introduction to Implant Dentistry– giving dental nurses the knowledge of different procedures and techniques with a sound understanding of the nurses role.

* Instruments, components & materials– an introduction to the commonly used instruments, components and materials that you will become familiar with so you know when and how these are used.

* Hands On-Use: an implant surgical kit to place an implant in a plastic jawbone – yourself!

* Set-up Procedures– you will learn the basics of asepsis and the requirements for draping, gowning and sterile conditions.

* Set-down Procedures– you will learn how to clear away after a surgical procedure, decontamination procedures and instrument processing.

FEES- £195.00

LOCATION: Dental Confidence Ltd, 24 Westwood Road, Southampton, SO17 1DN

DATE: Saturday May 30th 2020

Whether your practice refers to a surgical partner or places implants themselves- feel confident in assisting surgical and restorative procedures.

To register- contact: info@dentalconfidence.com




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