Dr Sanders and Dr David Madruga recently provided hands-on training on Hard & Soft Tissue Ridge Augmentation at the Zimmer Biomet Institute in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Participants learnt and practiced simple, predictable solutions to hard and soft tissue deficiencies, in the Simulated Patient Training Laboratory allowing clinicians to practice real-life case scenarios on simulation patients.

The mannequins feature soft tissue and “bone” that have cortical and cancellous layers, soft tissue-lined sinuses and “wired” inferior alveolar nerves.

The mannequins are designed to provide participants with a sense of treating a live patient.

The simulated surgical and restorative mannequins are the nearest thing to working on an actual human patient as it gets. The mannequins have teeth that can be extracted, tissues that can be sutured, periosteum, sinuses, cortical and cancellous bone, as well as mandibles with a blood supply and innervations.

Dr Sanders is a Zimmer Biomet Global Trainer.




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