A new 'teeth in a day' case study

Removing a mouthful of failing teeth and fitting a beautiful replacement set of fixed teeth in a single day of treatment is now a routine part of our practice.

The immediate set of teeth that are placed are a prototype, used to test aesthetics and function so that when the final teeth are made after 6 months we can make any small changes in colour, shape, bite that the patient wishes.

Naturally there is a lot of preparation, planning and digital laboratory work to get ready for the big day - but what an amazing thing to be able to do for someone.

Read our latest case on patient Siobhan.

Case study- Siobhan

Having suffered from periodontal gum disease for over 5 years, most of Siobhan’s upper teeth had become very loose. This looseness, (and the loss of some back teeth), caused movement which had created gaps over time.

Siobhan also suffered from extreme sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods, which caused her pain and restricted what she ate. In addition, Siobhan had also become very conscious of her smile. Also, the back teeth she had lost meant certain foods (like meat) took great effort to eat, as she was only able to chew small amounts using her front teeth.

After discussing the benefits of implant treatment with her dentist, Siobhan decided that this was the best solution. She then visited a number of implant dentists but was particularly impressed by the experience and reputation of Dr Sanders. “I read a lot of the online reviews from his happy patients.” said Siobhan. “Dr Sanders sounded like he really knew what he was doing, so I visited Dental Confidence.”

It was during that visit that Dr Sanders explained how he could extract all the failing teeth and place implants in the entire upper arch- in one single appointment. “I couldn’t believe it.” said Siobhan, “The other implant dentist had explained that I would need five implants that would be placed one-by-one- which would mean a series of appointments. I am a teacher and so, I remember trying to imagine how I’d plan all of those appointments around term time- but with Dr Sanders this simply wasn’t an issue. He could place them in a day, which really appealed to me.”

“When I first spoke to Dr Sanders, he told me that having implants would be life changing- and inside I wondered how. But he was right - it really has changed my life.”

“There was also such clarity and transparency with Dr Sanders –he offered a fixed price, with nothing hidden. Also, the Dental Confidence practice is wonderful, the staff were caring, and make you feel very valued, and the procedure itself was straightforward and entirely painless.”

“I left Dental Confidence with teeth- and immediately realised how much I had previously compensated. Because the gaps had got bigger, I would often hide my smile with closed lips or laugh with a hand in front of my face. Suddenly I didn’t need to, and so this was a massive confidence boost for me. I’m really delighted, I have to say.”

“I no longer worry what people might think if they see my teeth, and I laugh freely. I hadn’t had ice cream in years- now I am enjoying it again! Having dental implants has given me such freedom.”

“When I first spoke to Dr Sanders, he told me that having implants would be life changing- and inside I wondered how. But he was right - it really has changed my life.”

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